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about Benz0


One of the most profound qualities that music offers is its ability to heal. For artist, producer, and audio engineer BENZ0, he draws on his array of musical talents to carve out a sound that assists in narrating the struggles of his past.
Music has always been a constant supply of energy in his life. Initiated into the world of music making through drum lessons from his uncle, BENZ0's fascination with creating has only grown ever since. Constantly coming up with melodies in his head throughout his childhood and up until today, it took a rough breakup to inspire BENZ0 to start taking singing and music creation more seriously. He would use music as an outlet for not only his breakup, but his depression, anxiety, and more.


His sound straddles the line between R&B and Pop, while also reeling in inspiration from Hip-Hop, Synthwave, Lo-Fi, Alt-Rock, and more. Thematically, his music echoes stories of lost love, regrets, depression and anxiety, while juxtaposing somber lyrics with an upbeat production style.


With his music amounting tens of thousands of plays and spanning across multiple Spotify playlists, the future appears bright for BENZ0. His latest single, 'PSYCHO GIRL', an extremely progressive and experimental track, tells the story of a stalker and consequent one night stand, and is out now across all major streaming platforms. The track also coincides with the artist’s brand new clothing brand, 'PSYCHO GIRL APPAREL'.

Note: My official artist name is BENZ0, not BENZO , benz0 , benzo , or Benzo.

Birth name: Benjamin Jay Oakland

Born: June 16, 1998 (age 22 years), Chester, Pennsylvania

Height: 6'

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